Dan Malster

Dan Malster lives aboard the Kraken on the winding inland waterways of the UK.  In between raising a motley crew, having adventures, refurbishing his ship (the Kraken) and looking after mother nature in his part time land-lubber job, Dan has found time to start a new adventure in writing and illustrating.

As a child Dan spent half his life drawing, when not having adventures in the woods or on the banks of the Thames that is.  As he grew he developed a love for all things creative and spent his time drawing, painting, printing, making models and puppets, carving wood, making silver jewellery, welding steel, DJing and eventually refurbishing boats. 

It wasn't until he had children of his own that he got hooked on storytelling.  Dan and his three children would take it in turn to make up stories on rainy days, on long bus or train journeys, and at bedtime.  His first book, Kraken Crew, was developed from one of the all time favourite stories that Dan told to his children.  With a simple goal of writing and illustrating books for children that are funny and adventurous, he has plans for many more books to follow Kraken Crew, and has already made a start on the prequal, Release the Kraken.