Welcome to home of award winning author and illustrator Dan Malster, here on the wibbly wobbly web.  Here you will find out about Dan Malster and the recent release of his first picture book, Kraken Crew.
Dan Malster lives aboard the Kraken on the winding inland waterways of the UK.  In between raising a motley crew, having adventures, refurbishing his ship (the Kraken of course) and looking after mother nature in his part time land-lubber job, Dan has found time to write the semi-autobiographical book, Kraken Crew.  In his usual DIY style, Dan spent as much time writing and illustrating this book as he had learning all about self publishing in order to make this book available to all lovers of fun and exciting pirate adventures.  

Now that Kraken Crew has been published, Dan has made a start on the prequel, Release the Kraken.  So watch this space for news on this next release and many more in the future.